Preaching Post Roundup (September 9, 2021)

Here are some posts on preaching and exegesis that I noticed recently. (To receive Preaching Post Roundup as a weekly email, please subscribe.)

  • Crazy Grace from Jared C. Wilson (For the Church) – on the need to keep preaching the gospel regardless of the outcome
  • Reviving Sacramental Preaching from Michael Cooper (Center for Baptist Renewal) – for Calvin, preaching is “the primary means by which God‚Äôs presence becomes actual to us”
  • The Danger of Exemplarist Preaching from Chip Thornton (G3) – using Bible characters as examples of behavior to imitate or avoid often ignores the intent of the biblical authors
  • Preaching Variants from Nick Batzig (Feeding on Christ) – how to deal with textual variants; preaching questionable passages such as John 7:53-8:11
  • On Sermon Illustrations from H. B. Charles, Jr. (For the Church) – “9 tips for making good use of sermon illustrations in your preaching”
  • Sermon Plagiarism from Todd Pruitt and Carl Trueman (Reformation 21) – why the use of someone else’s material without acknowledgement or attribution is not acceptable
  • On Argument | Preachers Talk, Ep. 28 from David Helm, Jeremy Meeks, and K. Edward Copeland (9 Marks) – on the need to discover and convey the argument of the biblical text
  • Preparing to Preach and Pray – Pat Quinn from Pat Quinn and Mike Neglia (Expositor’s Collective) – thoughts on giving feedback; preparing for occasional preaching; the value of preparing for public prayer
  • Why You Should Preach from Leviticus from Andrew Bunt (Think Theology) – it reveals God’s heart, it helps people understand Jesus, it’s easier than you think, it serves a broad range of people, it’s fun
  • ‚ÄúPreaching and Preachers‚ÄĚ Episode 221: Preaching Judges from K. Lawson Younger and Jason Allen (Jason K. Allen) – why preach Judges, key themes, challenges for the preacher, how to preach the book
  • FTC Preaching Guide: Judges from Benjamin Vrbicek‚Äā(For the Church) – preaching outlines, key themes, problem passages, resources, preaching Christ from Judges, why preach the book
  • [For those who don’t have access to Bible commentaries and other Bible study tools, remember that you can borrow commentaries and tools online. Many of these resources are “critical”, but some are evangelical. Here are some lists: Bible Commentaries to Borrow; Bible Study Tools to Borrow]

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