Bible Study Tools to Borrow


The NIV Exhaustive Concordance by Goodrick, Edward W.; Kohlenberger, John R. (1990)

The Strongest Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible by Strong, James (2001)

Zondervan NASB Exhaustive Concordance (2000)

Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

The Anchor Bible Dictionary, volume 1 (A – C); volume 2 (D – G); volume 6 (Si – Z) (1992)

New Bible Dictionary by Douglas, J. D. (James Dixon); Hillyer, N; Bruce, F. F. (Frederick Fyvie) (1982)

Harper’s Bible Dictionary by Achtemeier, Paul J. (1985)

The Illustrated Bible Dictionary by Knight, George W. (George Wendell) (2005)

The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible: volume 1 (A-D); volume 2 (E-J); volume 3 (K-Q); volume 4 (R-Z) (1976)

Bible Atlases

The Macmillan Bible Atlas by Aharoni, Yohanan (1977)

New Bible Atlas by Bimson, John J; Kane, J. P. (John P.) (1985) 

Baker’s Bible Atlas by Pfeiffer, Charles F. (2003)

The Moody Atlas of the Bible by Beitzel, Barry J. (2009)

Zondervan NIV Atlas of the Bible by Rasmussen, Carl (1989)

Atlas of the Bible by Rogerson, J. W. (John William) (1985)

Old Testament Introductions

Reading the Old Testament: an introduction by Boadt, Lawrence (1984)

A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible by Collins, John Joseph (2007)

The Old Testament : an introduction to the Hebrew Bible by Harris, Stephen L.; Platzner, Robert Leonard (2003)

Introduction to the Old Testament by Harrison, R. K. (Roland Kenneth) (1969)

Introduction to the Old Testament : a presentation of its results and problems by Kaiser, Otto (1975)

A Survey of the Old Testament by Hill, Andrew E; Walton, John H. (1991)

Old Testament Introduction by Schmidt, Werner H. (1990)

Old Testament Theologies

Old Testament Theology : essays on structure, theme, and text by Brueggemann, Walter; Miller, Patrick D. (1992)

Old Testament Theology : a fresh approach by Clements, R. E. (Ronald Ernest) (1979)

Theology of the Old Testament, volume 1 by Eichrodt, Walther (1961)

Old Testament Theology by House, Paul R. (1998)

Elements of Old Testament Theology by Westermann, Claus (1982)

Old Testament History and Culture

A History of Israel, third edition by Bright, John (1981)

The Oxford History of the Biblical World by Coogan, Michael David (1998)

Ancient Israel : its life and institutions by Vaux, Roland de (1961)

Life in Biblical Israel by King, Philip J.; Stager, Lawrence E. (2001)

A History of Ancient Israel and Judah by Miller, J. Maxwell (James Maxwell); Hayes, John H. (John Haralson) (1986)

The Early History of God : Yahweh and the other deities in ancient Israel by Smith, Mark S. (1990)

A History of Ancient Israel by Soggin, J. Alberto (1985)

Old Testament Literature

The World of Biblical Literature by Alter, Robert (1992)

Poetics and Interpretation of Biblical Narrative by Berlin, Adele (1983)

Reading Biblical Poetry : an introductory guide by Fokkelman, J. P. (2001)

Ancient Near Eastern Texts

Documents from Old Testament Times by Society for Old Testament Study; Thomas, D. Winton (David Winton) (1961)

The Ancient Near East; an anthology of texts and pictures by Pritchard, James B. (James Bennett) (1978)

New Testament Introductions

 Fortress Introduction to the New Testament by Theissen, Gerd (2003)

New Testament Introduction, fourth edition revised by Guthrie, Donald (1990)

The New Testament : a very short introduction by Johnson, Luke Timothy (2010)

Reading the New Testament: An Introduction by Perkins, Pheme (1988)

Introduction to the New Testament by Kümmel, Werner Georg (1975)

New Testament History

New Testament History by Bruce, F. F. (Frederick Fyvie) (1971)

New Testament Theologies

The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology by Brown, Colin (1975)

Christology in the Making : a New Testament inquiry into the origins of the doctrine of the Incarnation by Dunn, James D. G. (1996)

The Theology of the New Testament according to Its Major Witnesses: Jesus-Paul-John by Kümmel, Werner Georg (1973)

New Testament Christology by Matera, Frank J. (1999)


Paul, Apostle of God’s Glory in Christ : a Pauline theology by Schreiner, Thomas R. (2006)

Paul : follower of Jesus or founder of Christianity? by Wenham, David (1995)

New Testament Literature

 New Testament Textual Criticism : a concise guide by Black, David Alan (1994)

The Formation of the New Testament by Lohse, Eduard (1981)

The Canon of the New Testament : its origin, development, and significance by Metzger, Bruce M. (Bruce Manning) (1987)

The New Testament : its background, growth, and content by Metzger, Bruce M. (Bruce Manning) (1983)

The Text of the New Testament : its transmission, corruption, and restoration by Metzger, Bruce M. (Bruce Manning) (1964)

New Testament Background

Josephus and the New Testament, second edition by Mason, Steve (2003)

The Moral World of the First Christians by Meeks, Wayne A. (1986)

The New Testament in its Social Environment by Stambaugh, John E; Balch, David L. (1986)