Preaching Post Roundup (November 4, 2021)

Here are some posts on preaching and exegesis that I noticed recently. (To receive Preaching Post Roundup as a weekly email, please subscribe.)

  • Preach the Word: 2 Timothy 4:1-4 from Hershael York (Southern Equip) – a message preached at the Expositor’s Summit.
  • Preaching to Short Attention Spans from Mark Young (Center for Preaching and Pastoral Leadership) – how to keep the attention of our listeners: captivate with the beauty of the gospel; be earnest; be clear, rely on the Holy Spirit
  • Drafting a Sermon Outline from Chip Thornton (G3) – helpful guidance for developing a sermon outline
  • Pace Is Important for the Preacher from Bruce Ballast (Preaching Acts) – speaking too fast or too slow or in a monotone can hinder the effectiveness of our preaching; the pace we should aim for
  • The Preacher as a Workman from Barry York (Gentle Reformation) – lessons we can learn from craftsmen about our work as preachers
  • 7 Questions about the Septuagint from Greg Lanier and William A. Ross (Crossway) – another article (similar to the one mentioned in last week’s post) about the importance of the Greek translation of the Old Testament for our study of the Scriptures
  • How to Interpret and Apply the Bible – Cody King from Cody King and Mike Neglia (Expositors’ Collective) – the value of the inductive Bible study method of observation, interpretation, correlation and application
  • Preachers Talk Mailbag #2 from David Helm, Jeremy Meeks and K. Edward Copeland (9 Marks) – difficult genres to preach; memorable sermons; the Bible’s power; the use of visuals; Greek and Hebrew; altar calls
  • [For those who don’t have access to Bible commentaries and other Bible study tools, remember that you can borrow commentaries and tools online. Many of these resources are “critical”, but some are evangelical. Here are some lists: Bible Commentaries to Borrow; Bible Study Tools to Borrow]

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