Preaching Post Roundup (January 21, 2021)

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Here are some posts on preaching and exegesis that I noticed recently. (To receive Preaching Post Roundup as a weekly email, please subscribe.)

  •  Why “a Long Obedience in the Same Direction” Is Necessary in Ministry from Matt Henslee (Facts & Trends) – we are called to be faithful and to trust that God is at work
  • 4 Questions for Your Sermon Outline from Peter Mead (Biblical Preaching) – Does the message have unity? Does the message order make sense? Do the sections of the outline feel proportional? Does the sermon progress?
  • We Need More Than Mere Explanation from Stephen Kneale (Building Jerusalem) – the importance of meaningful, specific application: “Exposition is really important, but it needs to be applied.”
  • Preaching on or Preaching to? from Stephen Kneale (Building Jerusalem) – Kneale says we shouldn’t preach on current events, but should preach to them
  • Death by Plagiarism from Donald H. Kim (Preaching Source) – “borrowing” is really stealing and despising the power of the Spirit
  • Andrew Fuller Friday: On the Abuse of Allegory in Preaching from David Prince (Prince on Preaching) – on the danger of looking for “spiritual” or allegorical meanings, especially in biblical narratives
  • From Text to Sermon – Timothy Brown – from Mike Neglia and Timothy Brown (Expositors Collective) – Mike and I talk about the process of moving from text to sermon and the importance of preaching sermons that have unity and purpose
  • Training Preachers in the Local Church from Peter Adam (The Gospel Coalition, Australia Edition) – advice for setting up a program to train preachers in the local church
  • FTC Preaching Guide: Philippians (For the Church) – for Philippians: preaching outlines, themes, problem passages, commentaries and resources, preaching Christ, why preach the book
  • 5 Reasons to Preach through 1 John from Conrad Mwebe (9 Marks) – 1 John shows us Christ’s divinity and humanity, helps us examine our faith, highlights the danger of worldliness, underlines the importance of sound doctrine, emphasizes the need for holiness and love

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