Preaching Post Roundup (December 22, 2022)

Here are some posts and podcasts on preaching and biblical exegesis that I noticed. (To receive Preaching Post Roundup as a weekly email, please subscribe.)

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
  • Preaching vs. Bible Study from David Strain (Tabletalk) – in the faithful preaching of the Word sinners hear Christ himself
  • Pastor, Preach Christology At Christmas from David Schrock (Christ Over All) – preach Christ and Christology at Christmas “not to be flashy, but faithful”
  • Definition Matters – 7 Pro-Am Preaching Points from Peter Mead (Biblical Preaching) – be a professional in skill, an amateur in motivation (love God, your people and your craft)
  • From Paper to Pulpit from Tommy Keene (Sign and Shadow) – find the main point of the text and put the material in “exhortational form”
  • Preaching God’s Grace to the Disgraced – Justin Holcomb from Justin Holcomb and Mike Neglia (Expositors Collective) – law-based, moralistic preaching vs. Christ-centered preaching; Scripture in the Anglican tradition; “inform, delight, and form” (Augustine); the most helpful preaching for survivors of abuse [previously published in June 2022]
  • Know Your Literary Devices from Peter Krol (Knowable Word) – being aware of word devices, logic devices, and structure devices can help us grasp a biblical author’s meaning
  • Learning from a Different World from Peter Mead (Biblical Preaching) – when we open our Bibles, we travel to a different world; good Bible study and preaching bring us into that world

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