Preaching Post Roundup (July 14, 2022)

Here are some posts and podcasts on preaching and biblical exegesis that I noticed. (To receive Preaching Post Roundup as a weekly email, please subscribe.)

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  • 5 Puritan Prescriptions for Gospel-Centered Preaching from Matthew D. Haste (Southern Equip) – “Puritans weren’t content merely to defend doctrine from the pulpit; they sought to apply truth in the pews by engaging the hearts of their hearers.”
  • Preach for a Response from Matthew Hosier (Think Theology) – a real-life reminder that preaching changes lives
  • No Excuse for Bad Sermons from Brad Horton (G3 Ministries) – “No matter the style you have in your preaching, there is no reason for you to have bad content.”
  • A Case for Slightly Longer Sermons from Mikey Lynch (The Gospel Coalition) and How Long, O Lord? On Not Preaching Shorter from Andrew Heard (The Gospel Coalition – in response to a recent article advocating shorter sermons, these articles advocate longer sermons (In my view, a variety of factors, including the makeup of the congregation and the gifts of the preacher, should determine sermon length.)
  • On Preachers Mailbag #3 | Preachers Talk, Ep 43 from David Helm, Jeremy Meeks and K. Edward Copeland (9 Marks) – listening to preachers outside of your tribe; responding to people after preaching; going to the pulpit without clarity; the difference between expository and verse-by-verse preaching; the length of preaching portions; listening to others preach on your text
  • The Preaching Style of Jesus with James Pennington from James Pennington and Mike Neglia (Expositors Collective) – reflections on Jesus as a teacher and preacher and the ways our preaching should and should not be like his; thoughts on preaching through the Sermon on the Mount
  • How Should We Apply Biblical Narratives? from Christy Gambrell (The Gospel Coalition) – we need to respect the genre and look to the rest of Scripture; description is not prescription
  • 9 Commentaries on Wisdom Literature (& Why It Matters) from Karen Engle (Word by Word – Logos Blog) – what Wisdom literature is, how to study it, and the best commentaries on Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
  • “The Best of Preaching and Preachers” Episode 89: Preaching Philippians from Matthew Harmon and Jason Allen (Jason K. Allen) – the distinctiveness of the book; its connection with broader biblical theological themes; reasons for preaching through the book; challenges of preaching the book; recommended resources (including Harmon’s commentary)

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